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Be Kind Reiki

Reiki Healing - In Person

Introductory Offer.

Healing in person with Ken or Reiki practitioner at Sunshine Primary Health.

20 - 30 minute sessions

For treatment you will be fully clothed, so just wear something or whatever you're comfortable with and either leave jewellery home or take it off when you come for your session. If you can't remove it that's okay too.

Reiki will help relieve you of stress and is great for anxiety, (I have anxiety myself, so can vouch for this).

Research Reiki before you come so you have a better understanding of what to expect. It isn't a miracle healing or psychic reading, so please keep seeing your doctor for all medical issues.

Reiki is a team work session between you and your Reiki practitioner. The Reiki practitioner channel's Universal love and healing energy, then you take that energy and send it to wherever you need it whether physical, mental or spiritual, (subconsciously and through your levels of existence). 

Reiki is totally harmless. I



Care Instructions

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