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Be Kind Reiki

Animal Healing

Introductory offer: Animals love Reiki and distance healings are available for your pet or an animal you'd like healed. Our household is full of animal loving souls and we know how precious and special your pet is to you especially as we lost our own Toby, (labrador/cocker spaniel cross). We all loved him so much I tried as much as I could to heal him, but when it's time to go to the Summerland it's time, but at least reiki can help carry your animal/pet/companion smoothly to his/her dreamtime. Be Kind Reiki can help your best friend heal. Send us a photo and we'll do our best to help. If you are nearby and your pet doesn't mind strangers we can also reiki your pet/animal in person. Of course there are no guarantees and he/she will still need to see a Veterinarian.

We would love to help your pet.



Care Instructions

I Love Yoga

I have one of these myself. They're fantastic, look great, don't slip and are durable